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Immigrant Aid Hub for Maui Fire Victims

Many of Lahaina’s missing and displaced are immigrants

We are Maui-based community organizers and immigration attorneys mobilizing volunteers to help immigrants with translation and to apply for aid and other resources as they become available. Roots Reborn is a multilingual hub for impacted immigrants, connecting them to whatever aid and resources they qualify for during the long rebuilding process.

We are also providing document replacement for those impacted by the fire. Those documents generally include green cards, employment authorization, TPS and certificates of citizenship. We can also help with ADIT stamps and requests to expedite in coordination with the temporary USCIS field office on Maui.

We are available for ongoing interfacing with all the relevant agencies (USCIS, EOIR, ICE) in order to continue to advocate for systemic relief such as fee waivers, expedited case processing and mobile biometrics.

Maui's immigrant community is heavily Latino and Filipino and we encourage individuals fluent in SpanishIlokano, Tagalog, or other languages to volunteer.

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@rootsrebornlahaina on Instagram

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